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Long Island Scouting Report was created to bring a professional non bias MLB style scouting report to travelball players across Long Island as a tool for future development for all ages. In this never-ending changing world of travelball, with everyone competing to be the best of the best, with national team rankings and personal rankings, we have set up a team of professionally trained scouts to evaluate the player’s performance in all aspects of the game. Providing a professional non bias evaluation. Also, a future projection of the player’s skills along with specific areas that need to be addressed for the player to achieve his future goals within the game.

About our owners

Joseph Cuccia, is a professional within the baseball industry for over 16 yrs. He is a certified MLB scout, trained and mentored by Dan Evans. Dan Evans was the assistant general manager for the Chicago White Sox. Evans then became the executive vice president and general manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Evans was also responsible for the Pacific Rim Operations Scouting Department of the Toronto Blue Jays.

Coach Rocco, a certified MLB Scout, played all levels of baseball from Little League through College. Coach Rocco has been developing players that have reached every level of baseball and coaching Long Island Travel baseball for over 25 years. Throughout his years, he has assisted local colleges in scouting, recruitment, and camps/showcases.

Every LISR scout goes through extensive training and is certified upon completion of the training class, ensuing a professional scouting report for the player.