When you create your player profile on our site, you now can purchase your Player Profile Baseball Cards.

Get your own baseball card with a QR code on the back of your card which will take you directly to your player profile on our website. Coaches, Family and Friends can scan the code to view all of your information. Your stats, school / travel ball team, link to your social media accounts and your videos. You can use your baseball card like a business card for ball players! Hand your baseball card to potential travel ball and/or college coaches as a promotional or recruiting tool. No better way for you to stand out from the crowd. Make them remember your name by handing them your Player Profile Baseball Card from LISR.

To Order Your Cards you must have a Player Profile with us. Once you purchase the Player Profile and we create your Profile we can then proceed with your order for your Cards.

baseball card front
baseball card back

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Cost is $12.99 for one card.
Save on multi packs.