Youth baseball is a constantly evolving sport, rooted in deep tradition. The fierce competition in youth sports has evolved as well. Players are always looking to improve their craft. Training facilities, private lessons, speed and agility training, along with strength and conditioning training has become the norm amongst young baseball players. Showcases, showcase tournaments and national ranking have consumed the industry.

Long Island Scouting Report will provide professional MLB style scouting reports as a non-bias platform for players to get honest evaluation of their skills. A blueprint for their future development and a starting point to chart their development in areas listed in their report. Our reports can also be utilized to send to potential college coaches in the recruiting process.

Our scouting reports can be used for ages 9-18. The younger players can use their reports as a guide of what they need to develop for the future. Older players can use them for the college recruitment process as well as a tool to continue to develop their skills as indicated in their report.

As a scout for Long Island Scouting Report, you will be taught how to write MLB style scouting reports and everything you need to identify the tools these players need to take their game to the next level. Our course will provide you with everything needed to do the position in a professional manner.

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Sports Management World Wide

Long Island Scouting Report is proud to announce that we have teamed up with Sports Management World Wide to be our official training platform for our scouts. All of our scouts will have to take The Baseball GM and Scouting Class through SMWW to become certified.

Next class is July 8th, 2024
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Upon completion of the coarse you will become a Certified LISR Scout!

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