Honest – non bias scouting report for travel ball and inspiring little league players who wish to take their game to the next level..

Coaches do not always promote development. They promote results, even if the player is not mechanically sound. As the player gets older, his talent and athleticism may not be enough to take him to the next level. Our MLB style reports are designed to project where he may be a year from now. They will detail the good, the bad and everything in between. Our report will point out what he needs to develop in each area of the game in order to keep developing throughout the years.

Example – An 11-year-old who throws hard and is above average for his age but has poor mechanics may not be a dominant pitcher one or two years later. His power arm may not keep him at the top as other players develop and mature physically, using proper mechanics. Many coaches will ride their talent for as long as they can to win games, not caring about the player’s future. They live in the now and do not worry about the future.

As a parent, it feels great when your player is the most dominant pitcher in his age group, but you need to be responsible and prepare for the future. Our reports will help identify the areas in which the player needs to address to have continued success not only for today but help protect and develop the player for the future.

Our reports are for ages 9-18. Each report provides age specific feedback. Younger players will receive detailed information to help them develop their skills as they age. Starting with proper mechanics is the key to a long career. For older players, our reports can really help identify more specific aspects of their game as they get ready for the college recruitment process. Many college coaches do not have the proper time to dedicate to the recruiting process. Our reports can offer you an edge over other potential players as part of the recruiting process.

Our reports also can be utilized as part of the tryout process for a specific team. Coaches can access your scouting report to gain valuable information about your projections for the future. A tryout may not be enough to make a team. Be ahead of the curve and supply our report to your potential future coach.

LISR scouting reports are a great tool for travelball players of any age. Your professional report will identify your skills and what areas you need to improve on to take your game to the next level.

Vinny Messana
Area Scout - San Diego Padres
Axcess Baseball Founder

Long Island Scouting Reports are an excellent tool for young players to further their development as players. Your scouting report will give you a detailed assessment by highly qualified trained scouts.

Dan Evans
Former Dodgers GM
Longtime MLB Executive
SABR Board of Directors


Our scouting reports can be used for ages 9-18.

The younger players can use their reports as a guide of what they need to develop for the future. Older players can use them for the college recruitment process as well as a tool to continue to develop their skills as indicated in their report.

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