Get your player profile listed on our site. Coaches who are seeking players from across Long Island can scout you as a potential player for their team. Tryouts do not always showcase your talent. Creating a player profile page with all your stats and video highlights is a great way for coaches to obtain a background of you as a player. Coaches may like what they see at a tryout and want more information about you. You can use your player profile for your social media accounts. Or send your profile to travelball and/or college coaches as a promotional or recruiting tool.

There is no better way to provide more information than a player profile with all your stats from LISR. If you have a scouting report with us, it will be noted on your player profile so the coaches can access your scouting report as well.

Get your player profile listed today! The cost is $50 for one year.


Once you purchase your Player Profile please fill out the player profile request form.
Player Profile Request Form

Our staff will then reach out to you for more information so that we can begin your player profile. Thank You.

sample profile of a baseball player