Youth baseball is a constantly evolving sport, rooted in deep tradition. The fierce competition in youth sports has evolved as well. Players are always looking to improve their craft. Training facilities, private lessons, speed and agility training, along with strength and conditioning training has become the norm amongst young baseball players. Showcases, showcase tournaments and national ranking have consumed the industry.

Long Island Scouting Report will provide professional MLB style scouting reports as a non-bias platform for players to get honest evaluation of their skills. A blueprint for their future development and a starting point to chart their development in areas listed in their report. Our reports can also be utilized to send to potential college coaches in the recruiting process and or travelball coaches for tryouts.

Our scouting reports can be used for ages 9-18. The younger players can use their reports as a guide of what they need to develop for the future. Older players can use them for the college recruitment process as well as a tool to continue to develop their skills as indicated in their report.


Any scouting report is a non-bias evaluation for travel ball and inspiring little league players who wish to take their game to the next level. Each scouting report is written for the specific player our scouts are there to evaluate. We will provide a current ranking and a projected future (one year) ranking in several categories along with an overall score.

We use the MLB ranking system of 20-80 for our ranking score (with 80 being a top score in any category).

80 - Outstanding
70 - Very Good
60 - Above Average
50 - Average
40 - Below Average
30 - Well below Average
20 - Poor

Our Scouts will observe from warm ups all the way through the end of the game. All aspects of a player’s ability, fundamentals, gamesmanship, teamsmanship, & baseball IQ etc. will be noted.

The result of the game we attend, as well as the success of the team, has no impact on our scouting report; nor does the players stats during the game. It doesn’t matter if the player went 4-4 or 0-4 in the game. Our scouting reports are not based on 1 game’s player stat line. The player is evaluated as a Baseball Player in a “game-like” situation.

Each evaluation comes with several category rankings and an overall score. It will also include comments in areas that are great/good, along with recommendations on what to correct in other areas. Our reports are not intended to make a player feel overconfident (where they feel they do not need to continue to master their craft in any area) or insulted (where they feel like they are not good ballplayers), but as trained MLB scouts, and by evaluating any player – we can spot mostly every strength & weakness (every ball player has both) so the player is aware of what is working and to keep doing and what to work on to better the players game.

Any questions before or after an evaluation, please feel free to reach out. Our job is to help.


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One of our scouts will then reach out to you for more information and your schedule so that we can begin your scouting report. Thank You.

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Honest – non bias scouting report for the player to take his game to the next level

Our reports also can be utilized as part of the tryout process for a specific team. Coaches can access your scouting report to gain valuable information about your projections for the future.

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